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Westminster Lamp Kit


Rent: £80/day

UV germicidal tube units are available in various lengths and tube wattage and designed for the UV light disinfection of air and surfaces.

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UV germicidal tube units are available in various lengths and tube wattage and designed for the following applications: UV light disinfection of air and surfaces.

They MUST NOT be used for any other purpose without first consulting First Line London Ltd

They are designed for fixed mount operation and require either a 100-277 V / 50-60Hz (UV 34W – 150W unit) or 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz (UV 20W unit) power supply.

The UV germicidal tube units have an aluminium housing and incorporate two UV germicidal tubes mounted in front of an aluminium reflector. These are shrink wrapped in clear UV-C transmitting plastic to contain glass fragments in the event of breakage. This meets the requirements of IEC 61549 for fragment retention. The units are waterproof and rated IP65.

A digital ballast which provides the means of regulating the current through the UV germicidal tubes is mounted behind the reflector.

Disclaimer – First Line London Ltd cannot accept responsibility for damages resulting from improper use or use for any purpose other than those intended.

To help prevent accidents or ill health all operators and maintenance personnel must read, fully understand and follow all the instructions and warnings contained in this Westminster lamp kit manual BEFORE operation or maintenance. It should always be readily available and prominently located in the area of usage. If you have any questions please contact First Line London Ltd.

Due to our policy of continuous product development, we reserve the right to amend specifications and technical data, therefore information in this manual may be subject to change without prior notice.


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